2023 Summer Institute Learning Partner Resources

General Session Resources

Day 1 Master Slide Deck

Case Study 1: "Caring for Tomorrow, Today" by Dr. Julie Traenkenschuh, OSF HealthCare

Case Study 2: "Innovating to Drive Farmer Livelihood" by Nancy Yaklich, Cargill

Case Study 3: "Innovation by Design: Think Big, Start Small, and Accelerate Your Mission" by Dr. Kristi Wellington-Baker, Amazon Web Services

Day 2 Master Slide Deck

Larry Keeley's Resources

AFIT Summer Institute shared drive: AFIT Drive

Member diagnostics: Diagnostics

Keeley content: Slides

Resources and protocols: Innovation tools

Work in progress, to post YOUR work: Concepts

Idea Lab Resources

Connecting Vision and People | Kristi Wellington-Baker, Amazon Web Services

People: The Human Side of Innovation | Kristi Wellington-Baker, Amazon Web Services

When You're Innovating, a RAT is Your Best Friend | Nancy Yaklich, Caterpillar

A Learner Centric Approach for Scalable Success | Anthology

Universal Learning: Ensure Learning Equity with a Digital-First Strategy | BibliU

Transforming Education with AI | Chippewa Valley Technical College & MDT Marketing