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The Time is Now

It's no secret that there are considerable challenges facing higher education right now. The teaching and learning methods of the past are becoming obsolete, and time-worn processes have all but lost their effectiveness. No longer will the “take no action” or “move forward with incremental change” mindsets sustain operations. Colleges and universities are closing their doors at an alarming rate, and some are teetering on the edge of existence. If institutions do not take action—and soon—they too may fall by the wayside. Even if an institution feels that it is operationally sound, threats to its long-term sustainability are increasing, and the need for innovation and organizational transformation must become a priority.

Learn from Innovators Outside of Higher Education

AFIT inspires innovation by partnering with world-class learning partners from organizations outside of higher education to introduce our members to new models and "next" practices. Over the years, we've learned from:

  • Apple
  • Christensen Institute
  • Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work
  • Delivering Happiness
  • Disney
  • GBMC Healthcare (a 2020 Baldrige recipient)
  • Great Place to Work
  • Kimberly-Clark 
  • Microsoft
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Southwest Airlines

... and many more!

Transform Your Organization with Actionable Team Learning

Every year, AFIT partners with thought leaders to explore a timely, relevant theme. Member CEOs and their Reps have a chance to preview the annual learning design at our CEO Forum & Reps Meeting. Their feedback is then used to shape the final learning design, which is presented at the Summer Institute — a team-based, interactive learning experience that gives CEOs and their teams an opportunity to learn and problem-solve together — and collaborate with other AFIT teams.

Network & Collaborate with CEOs Nationwide

Whether you're a first-time president or a seasoned leader, it can be lonely at the top. AFIT offers monthly virtual networking opportunities that provide a safe space for CEOs to have candid conversations and lively idea exchanges about the leadership challenges and hot button issues impacting their organizations. We host in-person networking sessions twice a year at our annual conferences.

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Unparalleled Professional Development

“I have found AFIT to be unequivocally essential to advancing the mission of higher education institutions. The learning environment is superlative and is only matched by the tremendous networking opportunities and connection with best practices, I hold my membership in high regard. Further, each team I have brought to the Summer Institute rank it as one of the best professional development experiences in their career.”

– Dr. Cristobal Valdez, President, Richland Community College, IL