2023 Team Pride Contest

AFIT’s annual Team Pride Contest is a fun way for teams to show off their team spirit and compete for prizes while building lasting friendship and making memories at Summer Institute.

If you're new to AFIT or you haven't participated in our Team Pride Contest in the past, this is an opportunity for your team’s ingenuity and pride to shine.

Innovation Pitch Contest 

During the 2023 Summer Institute, your team will work together using custom protocols to build innovation initiatives, as instructed by our lead learning partner, Larry Keeley. On Saturday morning, you’ll have a chance to compete in a spirited, supportive pitch competition judged by your peers. (Specific instructions will be provided at the event. No special materials are needed.)

All attendees will use a special evaluation worksheet to assess each team’s pitch concept and award “investment capital” for the best innovation. The winning team will be crowned the WINNER of the 2023 Team Pride Contest and will take home the traveling Team Pride Contest trophy. 

Will our defending champs at Yavapai College let the trophy go? Only time will tell…

Additional Contest Categories:

Summer Institute attendees can also compete for prizes in these categories:

1. Best Team Table

Use your team table décor to create an inspiring space that fosters creativity and connection.

2. Most Team Spirit

Show us your innovative spirit through coordinated team attire.

3. Best Photo Booth Photo

Gather your team, grab a few props from the prop table (or bring your own), and de-light us with your high-wattage smiles.

4. Brightest Lightbulb Moment

Give us a behind-the-scenes peek at your team's innovation process at work. Post Aha! moments, photos, and/or updates from your team table on the social network of your choice with the tag #AFITSummerInstitute. The team with the post that earns the most engagement (likes, comments, shares) will take home a prize.

Judging for Additional Contest Categories:

A secret panel of judges will select the winners of the additional contest categories.


The Team Pride Contest is open to all 2023 Summer Institute registered attendees, including guests.  

Good luck! 

New to the Team Pride Contest?
Check out our winners from last year's Summer Institute: