Welcome Jackie Strohbehn, President, Nelnet Campus Commerce 

AFIT members,

Jackie Strohbehn, President, Nelnet Campus Commerce We're thrilled to announce that Jackie Strohbehn, President, Nelnet Campus Commerce has joined AFIT as a new member.  

Jackie has served in her role as president since 2020, when she was promoted from her role as Regional Director, West.  

“Innovation can be daunting to people,” said Jackie in her AFIT application. "Many interpret innovation as a silver bullet or one big idea. I have found it is more effective to empower people to focus on small improvements which yield an immediate benefit as they progress toward the ultimate goal.  

“This incremental approach instills a culture of progress vs. waiting for one big innovation which may never come. These micro wins build on each other and eventually lead to big organizational changes.  We have used these principles at Nelnet Campus Commerce for the last three years and it has yielded powerful shifts in the way our team looks at innovation.”   

Amy Stover, Director Strategic Sales and Lindsay Bauer, Executive Assistant, will serve as AFIT Reps.

Please join us in welcoming the Nelnet Campus Commerce team to our Alliance!