Alquist 3D is a 2024 Learning Partner

Learning Partners,

Alqust 3D is a Learning PartnerWe are pleased to announce that Alquist 3D, an innovative construction company that uses 3D printing technology to create sustainable and affordable buildings and infrastructure, will be a case study learning partner supporting the AFIT 2024 learning theme “Looking Ahead to Empower the Future Today.” 

Alquist 3D is at the forefront of a construction revolution. In December 2021, the firm became synonymous with 3D concrete printing (3DCP) by completing the first owner-occupied 3D printed home in the world, which stands in Williamsburg, VA. By harnessing the power of innovation, Alquist 3D is transforming economically distressed and under-served communities, providing them with the infrastructure they need to flourish. 

The firm recently moved its headquarters to Greeley, Colorado, positioning the town to become the epicenter of the 3D Printing industry in the world. Alquist 3D has entered into a strategic partnership with Greeley-based Aims Community College to incorporate its technology into the curriculum and train the workforce, opening doors to new high-paying careers and giving students a head start in this rapidly growing industry. 

As a 2024 AFIT learning partner, Alquist 3D’s Founder and Board Chair Zack Mannheimer will share how his firm is leveraging 3D printing technology to transform the construction industry. He’ll explore the power of strategic partnerships between industry and higher education in addressing rising skills gap and paving the way to a greener, more efficient, and technologically advanced future.  

Join us at AFIT’s 2024 CEO Forum & Reps Meeting on February 28 – March 1, 2024 at Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona to meet Zack and our other 2024 learning partners, preview the learning design, and provide feedback to shape the Summer Institute team learning experience. Register now »