Welcome Back, Dr. Brad Tyndall and Central Wyoming College

AFIT members,
Dr. Brad Tyndall
Dr. Brad Tyndall, President 

We're happy to announce the return of Dr. Brad Tyndall and Central Wyoming College as institutional members of our alliance. After a brief hiatus, Dr. Tyndall and his team have decided to re-join AFIT and once again be part of our community dedicated to promoting innovation and transformation in higher education.

Brad and his team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our AFIT community. In addition to his 20+ career in higher education, Brad has additional community economic development experience working overseas in Africa and the Middle East, including for the US Agency for International Development, Peace Corps, CARE International, and as a Fulbright Fellow. He speaks English, French, Arabic and some Amharic. Learn more about Brad »

The AFIT Executive Committee warmly welcomes Dr. Tyndall and the team at Central Wyoming College back to the AFIT community. We look forward to collaborating with them to drive positive change in higher education.

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