AFIT Partners with CampusWorks to Revolutionize Strategic Planning

AFIT News,

AFIT is thrilled to announce it has partnered with corporate member CampusWorks, a leading higher education strategy firm, to spearhead a groundbreaking strategic planning initiative.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards redefining AFIT’s approach to strategic planning, enabling the organization to think beyond day-to-day tasks and consider the mid- and long-term implications of decisions. As a key element of this partnership, AFIT will be one of the pioneering organizations in higher education to leverage CampusWorks’ innovative scenario planning methodology.

While scenario planning has a history, CampusWorks’ methodology has been meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of higher education. This methodology empowers colleges, universities, and associations, like AFIT, to effortlessly pivot in response to the ever-evolving global landscape, enabling them to proactively shape their future rather than merely anticipating uncertainties.

AFIT’s strategic planning initiative kicked off in early September and will span a year, inviting active participation from its members, leadership, and staff. Beyond crafting a strategy, this endeavor serves as an exercise in collective foresight, laying a robust foundation for AFIT’s visionary future.

“This partnership underscores AFIT’s commitment to supporting higher education CEOs and their organizations in becoming future-ready," said Erika Liodice, the executive director of AFIT. "CampusWorks’ innovative methodology will enable us to explore diverse potential futures, firmly positioning AFIT to empower our members to thrive in any plausible scenario.”

Liz Murphy, CEO of CampusWorks, added, “Our new scenario-based planning methodology equips organizations to navigate an inherently unpredictable future. Collaborating with AFIT, we are enthusiastic about charting a course that is adaptable, resilient, and forward-thinking.”

The partnership between AFIT and CampusWorks will reimagine the boundaries and benefits of strategic planning, ensuring that AFIT and its members are not just prepared for the future but are actively shaping it.

About CampusWorks:

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